Histology and Histomorphometry Core (HHC)

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Histology and Histomorphometry Core (HHC)

Histology and Histomorphometry Core (HHC)

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IU School of Medicine

Core Director:

Lilian Plotkin, Ph.D.


Drew M. Brown


The Histology Core provides histological services histomorphometric analysis for basic science (non-clinical) research. Both mineralized (plastic embedded) and soft tissue (paraffin embedded and frozen) specimens can be prepared by the facility. In addition, image collection and dynamic and static bone histomorphometric measurements are offered by the core. The histology and histomorphometry laboratory offers a cost-effective approach to complete tissue processing and staining, as well as image collection and analyses, and the support from experienced personnel to multiple investigators from different institutions across the state and elsewhere in the United States. One hundred percent of the core resources are available to investigators on a fee for service basis. The core employs two full time and a part time histotechnicians, who are available for investigators consultation, training and tissue processing.

  • Tissue embedding and sectioning (including methylmetacrilate mineralized bone embedding, paraffin embedding of demineralized bone and other tissues, and cryosections)

  • Staining (H&E, special stains)

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Dynamic and static bone histomorphometry

  • Bone microdamage assessment

  • Image collection and analysis

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