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Histology and Histomorphometry Core (HHC)

Affiliation :  IU School of Medicine

Core Director:   Lilian Plotkin, Ph.D.

Website:  https://medicine.iu.edu/research/support/service-cores/histology

The Histology and Histomorphetry Core (HHC) provides tissue preparation and staining, as well as tissue imaging and bone histomorphometric analysis. Core capabilities include paraffin and methylmetracrylate embedding, and cryosectioning. Tissue sections can be stained for H&E, special stains and immunohistochemistry. The HHC provides consistency and comparability of measurement modalities across studies by providing protocols and quality control standards for technical procedures and coordinated guidance to investigators. We provide consultation on study design and post-study data interpretation, and continuously monitor improvements in methodology and instrumentation and incorporate these into the core as they become available. As such, the HHC provides a more comprehensive set of outcomes for the investigator and assures that preparation of tissues and methodologies across studies are suitable and sequenced properly to achieve the maximum information possible.

Policies: Contact Information:
Drew M. Brown, Histology Core Supervisor
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