In-Vivo Imaging Core

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In-Vivo Imaging Core

In-Vivo Imaging Core


IU School of Medicine / Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IIBIS)


Yu-Chien Wu


Scott Snyder


Jason Shine


The In-Vivo Imaging is located at Research II Building (R2), Goodman Hall (GH), Neuroscience Building (NB), and Biomedical Research and Training Center (BRTC).

Clinical Imaging Facility. The In-Vivo Imaging Core provides experienced, trained and credentialed technologists for the acquisition and basic image processing required for all studies. Investigators and their staff work closely with the imaging core technologists in the performance of specific studies. The licensed technologists administer PET tracers or contrast agents and operate the PET and MRI imaging systems. The imaging core staff can also assist with necessary PET and MRI image reconstruction for studies. An emphasis for all imaging studies is placed on the collection of data that permits quantitative or semi-quantitative analysis of results.

Roberts Translational Imaging Facility. The Roberts Translational Imaging Facility (RTIF) provides structural, functional and molecular imaging solutions to investigators. RTIF has state-of-the-art simultaneous PET-MR system with 9.4T magnet strength for preclinical imaging. We provide all aspects of preclinical imaging services including animal handling, anesthesia, radioactive PET tracer handling and injection, MR contrast injection (with or without infusion pump and catheter placement), data acquisition, processing and analysis.

PET Tracer Production. PET tracers labeled with both cyclotron and generator produced radionuclides [11C, 13N, 15O, 18F, 62Cu, 64Cu, and 68Ga] for a broad application in the neurosciences, cancer, and cardiovascular disease are available. The PET Tracer Core also brings new compounds online as needed to meet established institutional research priorities.

  • Experimental Design

  • PET

  • MRI

  • Animal handling

  • Radiotracer development and production

  • Imaging technique development

  • Proposal preparation

  • Budget planning

  • Data analysis

  • Manuscript preparation

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