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This letter argues that the greatest source of anxiety for health care workers is not the disagreement among personal protective equipment guidelines but instead is the lack of transparent communication surrounding those guidelines. To reduce anxiety and foster greater trust Read More
This article demonstrated the power of Twitter for world leaders to rapidly and directly communicate public health information about COVID-19 to citizens. By analyzing tweets from Group of Seven (G7) world leaders, researchers concluded that Twitter can be a powerful Read More
This research article reports that Google Trends data strongly correlates with COVID-19 cases and deaths. Previous outbreaks and epidemics have been tracked and forecasted by using infodemiology metrics and approaches, particularly through Twitter and Google. The data from this study Read More
This op-ed describes ways that existing guidance for rationing scarce resources in response to COVID-19 case surge may be discriminatory towards persons with disabilities and reflect harmful stereotypes. The author cites recent resource allocation guidance from the British Medical Association Read More
This forthcoming article from the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine argues that, in allocating scarce resources, determining a patient’s potential to benefit from treatment should rely on a structured, evidence-based, and global assessment of frailty that accounts for more than Read More
According to this article U.K. health officials have decided not to release triage criteria for allocating scarce resources in response to COVID-19, even though the guidance had already been drafted and other pandemic response guidelines that include rationing scarce resources Read More
This guidance from the British Medical Association (BMA) addresses ethical issues in allocating scarce life-saving medical resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, building on an ethical framework most recently revised in 2017 and providing updated guidance specific to COVID-19. The guidance Read More
This case report shows how easily this virus can move from one traveler from Singapore to a resort in France and then to other countries. It highlights the difficult task ahead of us of contact tracing and isolation. At the Read More
In an editorial, UK’s government was criticized for being slow to respond to the pandemic by not following instructive experiences from other countries. China’s aggressive approach to locking down cities has slowed the spread of the virus in its country Read More

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