ICYMI – The COVID-19 week in review (July 3, 2020).

ICYMI – The COVID-19 week in review (July 3, 2020).

This will be an ongoing, weekly post that will highlight the things you should have read (at least in MY opinion).

Articles you might have missed:

  1. Paging Dr. Hamblin: Are Kids Really Spared From the Coronavirus? by James Hamblin
  2. A Dire Warning From COVID-19 Test Providers, by Alexis C. Madrigal and Robinson Mayer
  3. U.S. could see 100,000 new Covid-19 cases per day, Fauci says, by Helen Branswell
  4. Why a Pediatric Group Is Pushing to Reopen Schools This Fall, by Dana Goldstein

Documents for your review:

What I’m reading:

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