Keep Asthma in Check this Fall!

Keep Asthma in Check this Fall!

September 19, 2022

Late summer and early fall are busy for many of us. With school starting and activities ramping up its important to keep in mind some simple tips for staying healthy. Back to school comes with an increase in colds and flu with kids being back indoors during the school day. Mid-September is also Peak Week for allergy and asthma sufferers. The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition’s workgroup- Reducing Environmental Triggers has provided the resources below to help you stay healthy with easy tips to help improve your environment and reduce exposure to germs.

Tips for Avoiding Back to School Germs
Frequent hand washing with soap and water
Cover your mouth with the crook of your elbow when you sneeze or cough
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
Don’t share cups, food, or personal items especially if they touch your mouth
Avoid putting backpacks, instrument cases or sports bags on table or counter where food is prepared or served
Get plenty of sleep
Eat healthy
Stay home when you are sick
Continue to take any prescribed medications
Stay up to date on all immunizations and get your yearly flu shot

Back to School Asthma Checklist
Be sure to plan ahead to make sure your child’s asthma stays controlled throughout the school year by following the steps below:
At the doctor’s office:
□ Ask for an asthma action plan
□ Ask whether it is okay for your child to carry their inhaler, if it is, ask for a letter saying that
□ Ask for enough refills, so that you have an inhaler and a spacer for school

At the school:
□ Let the school nurse, teachers and coaches know about your child’s asthma
□ Be sure the school knows how to contact you in case of an emergency
□ Talk with your child’s school nurse and teachers about his/her triggers and anything that can be done in the classroom or school to help reduce triggers
□ If exercise is an asthma trigger for your child, talk to the physical education teacher and coaches

Give a copy of your child’s Asthma Action Plan to:
□ School nurse
□ After school activities counselor
□ Sport coaches
□ Make sure you fill out all the forms needed to have an asthma inhaler at school

If your child can carry his/her inhaler:
□ Give the school nurse the letter from the doctor saying this is okay

If your child cannot carry his/her inhaler:
□ Take your child’s rescue inhaler and spacer to school and give to the school nurse
□ The inhaler should be in the original box from the pharmacy
□ The spacer should be labeled with your child’s name

At home, talk to your child about:
□ When to seek help if they have problems with their asthma
□ Make sure your child knows where his/her medication is kept at school

If your child can carry his/her inhaler, make sure your child knows:
□ How to take their medication
□ How to tell time
□ Who they should tell if they take a dose
□ What triggers to avoid

Keep your child home from school:
□ If your child has a fever
□ If your child is having any respiratory distress or needing albuterol more often than every 4 hours and seek medical help
□ If your child has been exposed by a household member testing positive for COVID-19
□ If your child is positive for COVID-19 or awaiting test results

Read more here to be Asthma Peak Week Prepared!

For more information about the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition and how to get involved in a workgroup visit our website.

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