National Childhood Obesity Month

National Childhood Obesity Month

September 23, 2020

child eating junk food at sports eventDid you know that approximately 19% of children across America struggle with childhood obesity? Observing National Childhood Obesity Month this September provides the opportunity to understand the issue, the factors that influence obesity in children and how we all can help to prevent it.

Children with obesity are at a higher risk of an array of health problems such as bone and joint issues, sleep apnea, asthma, and type 2 diabetes. These children are also more likely to suffer from emotional issues, such as having low self-esteem. They are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have a higher risk of heart disease and cancer. You can help to keep kids at a healthy weight by learning what risk factors influence obesity.

Factors that influence obesity in children include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics. To keep kids healthy, encourage nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables and help children get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Involve the whole family and make healthy eating and exercise a part of your everyday routine. Together we can work to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for children across the state of Indiana.

Learn more about how to support healthy growth in children and prevent obesity from the Centers for Disease Control.

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