This study describes the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 co-infection with noncoronavirus respiratory pathogens in a sample of symptomatic patients undergoing PCR testing in March 2020. The results suggest that routine testing for non–SARS-CoV-2 respiratory pathogens during the COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely Read More
This case series of pregnant women in NYC hospitals found that among pregnant women with COVID-19, 86% possessed mild disease, 9% exhibited severe disease, and 5% developed critical disease – much like everyone else. New York is clearly an epicenter Read More
This systematic review identified several biomarkers that may potentially identify cases at risk for severe disease or death.  Researchers conducted a review of studies reporting on laboratory abnormalities in patients with COVID-19. They focused on two outcomes, severity and mortality. Read More
This study showed that CRP increased significantly at the initial stage of severe COVID‐19 infections, before CT findings and predicted a severe case early on. In this cohort study, 27 consecutive patients with COVID‐19 and 75 patients with influenza were Read More
This cross-sectional study found that chemosensory dysfunction was strongly associated with Covid-19 infection, and that most recover chemosensory function within weeks. This was a single-institution, cross-sectional study that examined how changes in smell and taste were present in 1480 adults Read More
This systematic review showed that diarrhea is a presenting symptom of patients with COVID-19, and raises concerns of continued fecal-oral transmission after respiratory symptoms have resolved. Researchers noted an increasing number of reports of diarrhea related to COVID-19. They conducted Read More
This review article provides ED clinicians with recommendations for the evaluation and management of patients presenting with suspected COVID-19. Care for potentially infected patients in the emergency department during the COVID-19 pandemic requires significant consideration, as the virus is primarily Read More
This systematic review of prediction models for COVID-19 showed that while they are quickly entering the academic literature and are urgently needed, most are poorly reported, at high risk of bias, and their reported performance is probably optimistic. Authors reviewed Read More
This study showed that a modified supine position combined with protective face screen to collect samples for RT-PCR is worth promoting, as it seems to be better tolerated and may yield better samples. This study compared a modified nasopharyngeal swab Read More
This panel report contains five main and three additional recommendations intended to help medical practitioners use CXR and CT in the management of COVID-19. While mild cases of COVID-19 appear like other common upper respiratory viral infections, more severe cases Read More

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