This cohort study suggests that laboratory levels of LDH, CRP, ALT and NEU can be useful in predicting the results of COVID-19 test. This diagnostic accuracy study sought to determine the accuracy of laboratory parameters in predicting cases with positive Read More
This study provides further evidence that serological testing is an effective diagnostic means for COVID, and showed that the positive rate and titer variance of IgG are higher than IgM. Researchers retrospectively reviewed 43 patients with COVID-19 and 33 patients Read More
This small study found that thermal inactivation adversely affected the results of later RT-PCR tests, and suggests that other methods may be necessary.  Nucleic acid testing (NAT) has played an important role in patient diagnosis and management of COVID-19. Some Read More
This study of patients in Rome showed that chest CT sensitivity was high (97%) but specificity was lower (56%). CT may have a role to play in the diagnosis of COVID-19, and this study compared its potential to that of Read More
This case series provides detail on viral replication, where it occurs, and when in humans. Initial outbreaks of COVID-19 in China found that 13.8% cases were severe and 6.1% were critical. This severe presentation seems to be because virus receptor Read More
This study showed that rRT-PCR may produce initial false-negative results. Combining this with other testing modalities may improve sensitivity. Our data on testing are still relatively new. This was a retrospective cohort study of 36 patients suspected of infections with Read More
This study provides useful information about when we can expect antibodies to appear after infection, and how that might be used in future clinical testing. We are still learning about the antibody response in patients infected with COVID-19 This is Read More
This study provides key data on how long it takes to develop antibodies after symptoms of COVID (5 days for IgM and IgA, and 14 days for IgG) and argues that combining IgM ELISA assay with PCR makes a false Read More

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