This study discusses methods by which we can estimate the size of an outbreak from various surveillance measures. Policymakers dealing with COVID-19 will need to decide when to switch from measures that contain and eliminate the outbreak to measures designed Read More
This study warns that limited testing rates because of limited testing ability can cause models to give incorrect results. We need reliable estimates of the COVID-19 epidemic growth rate to guide the timing and intensity of intervention strategies. A number Read More
This Cochrane Review details the factors healthcare workers point that influence their ability and willingness to follow infection prevention and control guidelines when managing respiratory infectious diseases. The objective of this review was to identify barriers and facilitators to healthcare Read More
This qualitative study showed that most tweets from G7 leaders are informative, but this clearly will differ by leader. This qualitative study explored the role of Twitter as used by G7 world leaders in response to COVID-19. Researchers included viral Read More
This systematic review identified several biomarkers that may potentially identify cases at risk for severe disease or death.  Researchers conducted a review of studies reporting on laboratory abnormalities in patients with COVID-19. They focused on two outcomes, severity and mortality. Read More
This review reminds us that although research is ongoing, no therapies have been shown effective to date. Health care providers need accurate evidence regarding effective medical treatments for COVID-19. This was a review of the current literature. No matter what Read More
This systematic review showed that diarrhea is a presenting symptom of patients with COVID-19, and raises concerns of continued fecal-oral transmission after respiratory symptoms have resolved. Researchers noted an increasing number of reports of diarrhea related to COVID-19. They conducted Read More
This review discusses why prisons are a special concern during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers thoughts on how to proceed. Prisons are epicenters for outbreaks because of a higher background prevalence of infection, more risk factors for infection, unavoidable close Read More
This preliminary case series of patients hospitalized with severe Covid-19 who were treated with compassionate-use remdesivir found that 68% showed clinical improvement. Ongoing randomized, placebo-controlled trials of remdesivir therapy should be followed. Clinicians provided remdesivir on a compassionate-use basis to Read More
This article discusses why evidence and experience argue that airport screening will do little to slow the spread of COVID-19. Airport screening is a major component of the worldwide response to the spread of COVID-19. This involves taking passengers’ temperatures Read More

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