This study provides an overview of the proportion of confirmed COVID-19 cases among those tested and the severity of the disease in children using a registry of tested cases from March 2, 2020, to March 16, 2020 by pediatricians in Read More
Germany has the third highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, but deaths are relatively few when compared with neighboring countries. This article explains why. As of 2 April official statistics showed that 872 deaths from COVID-19 had been recorded Read More
This study evaluates the relative risk of death from COVID-19 in people <65 years old versus older individuals in the general population, provides estimates of absolute risk of death in epicenters of the pandemic, and reports what proportion of COVID-19 Read More
This study describes the development the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker mobile application launched in the UK on March 24, 2020 and the US on March 29, 2020 that has more than 2.25 million users to date. The rapid pace of the Read More
As of 10 March 2020, Italy has reported 9,172 COVID-19 cases with 463 deaths. This study reports real-time effective reproduction numbers (R(t)) and case fatality rates (CFR) in in selected European countries (Italy, France, Germany, and Spain) by 9 March Read More
This study surveyed adults’ behavior in the UK during a period of stringent physical distancing (“lockdown”) and compared the results to previously collected data. They found a large reduction in daily contacts particularly outside the home, resulting in a marked Read More
This study predicted trajectories of COVID-19 in the coming days (until April 30, 2020) around the world using an advanced Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average Model (ARIMA). The model’s predictions suggest that rapid infection control measures are urgently needed to curtail Read More
This study investigated the case fatality rate (CFR) among confirmed COVID-19 cases (N=22,512) in Italy, using Italian National Institute of Health surveillance data up to March 17, 2020. The overall fatality rate of persons with confirmed COVID-19 in the Italian Read More
In an editorial, UK’s government was criticized for being slow to respond to the pandemic by not following instructive experiences from other countries. China’s aggressive approach to locking down cities has slowed the spread of the virus in its country Read More

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