This article demonstrated the power of Twitter for world leaders to rapidly and directly communicate public health information about COVID-19 to citizens. By analyzing tweets from Group of Seven (G7) world leaders, researchers concluded that Twitter can be a powerful Read More
This research article reports that Google Trends data strongly correlates with COVID-19 cases and deaths. Previous outbreaks and epidemics have been tracked and forecasted by using infodemiology metrics and approaches, particularly through Twitter and Google. The data from this study Read More
This article discusses challenging resource allocation decisions in Italy in response to COVID-19 from the perspective of medical ethics. Italy has experienced the largest COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, with the country’s northern region particularly severely affected. Due to the limited Read More
This study of patients in Rome showed that chest CT sensitivity was high (97%) but specificity was lower (56%). CT may have a role to play in the diagnosis of COVID-19, and this study compared its potential to that of Read More
A discrete-time deterministic epidemic model is used to make predictions about the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy. Generally, transmission dynamics of infectious disease are described by modelling population movements which assume that the population mixes at random, or Read More
This study investigated the case fatality rate (CFR) among confirmed COVID-19 cases (N=22,512) in Italy, using Italian National Institute of Health surveillance data up to March 17, 2020. The overall fatality rate of persons with confirmed COVID-19 in the Italian Read More
At the outset of Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak, they launched a surveillance system to collect information on all people with COVID-19 in-country. There are concerns as to why the fatality rate (what percent of people who are infected die) is so Read More

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