Older adults

This news article is an opinion piece that challenges the idea that “better” nursing homes were less likely to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Grabowski’s research teams concluded that the factors most predictive of a coronavirus outbreak are location Read More
This cross-sectional study examines associations between county prevalence data and characteristics of 3,357 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in 25 states (341 Genesis facilities and 3,016 non-Genesis), including 64 Genesis SNFs which underwent universal testing. 118 (35%) Genesis and 640 (21.2%) Read More
This article was published on June 1st, 2020 in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA). A group of medical directors from several New York skilled nursing facilities (SNF) give detailed consensus policy recommendations on COVID-19 management. Key Read More
This European article focuses on emergency medicine palliative care guidelines for assessment and treatment of COVID-19 patients who are stable, unstable or near the end of life. 3 categories of palliative care patients were created by initial assessment (WHO early Read More
This article was published on July 9th, 2020 by the Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN). It examines social distancing guidelines in long term care (LTC) facilities in Canada and the difficulties it creates as a by-product to the mental and Read More
]This case report details the association between hip and lower limb fractures in three elderly patients and COVID-19. It was published on 4/7/2020 out of Isfehan University of Medical Science in Iran by the Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery. Read More
In this opinion paper, authors focus on the role of malnutrition in the elderly and its associations with immune health and suggest treating malnutrition could aid in decreasing the effects of COVID-19. Advanced age and comorbidities are associated with impaired Read More
The authors of this article respond to the American Geriatric Society’s (AGS) position paper on the importance of not using age as exclusion factor when considering allocation of scarce resources during the COVID-19 pandemic in the emergency department (ED). They Read More
This call to action was written by an international consortium of long term care researchers.  They draw a direct line from the societal under-responses, globally, for the support and safety of workers in nursing homes to the devaluation of these Read More
This article examines the COVID-19 preparedness of fifty-six nursing homes across the United States. 56 of 942 nursing homes surveyed responded to this survey The greatest preparedness concerns of the 56 nursing homes in this study were: lack of supplies Read More

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