Palliative care

This European article focuses on emergency medicine palliative care guidelines for assessment and treatment of COVID-19 patients who are stable, unstable or near the end of life. 3 categories of palliative care patients were created by initial assessment (WHO early Read More
This article reviews the current literature on atypical clinical presentation, clinical management challenges, and the burden of social isolation on geriatric patients. The authors outline clinical presentation of geriatric patients which is centered around mental status that leads into a discussion Read More
The authors of this article identified that during times of crisis, the demands may exceed the resources available.  Additionally, if care were to be triaged, and potentially denied to seriously ill patients due to resource constraints, all triage systems should Read More
This study aimed to synthesize evidence for the role and response of palliative care and hospice teams to viral epidemics/ pandemics, and inform the COVID 19 pandemic response. The rapid systematic review identified 3,094 articles and included 10 in this Read More
This article details an Ontario acute care hospital’s response to COVID-19 outbreaks in nearby nursing homes. The hospital explained the partnership in four phases: “1) engagement, relationship and trust-building; 2) environmental scan, team-building and immediate response; 3) early phase response; Read More
The authors of this paper argue that advance care planning and discussing goals of care are of heightened importance  for patients with chronic, life-limiting disease, due to COVID-19 for three reasons: 1) It is an ethical imperative to avoid providing Read More

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