Systematic Review

This systematic review and meta analysis shows that diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with mortality, severity, and acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19 and that this association is greater in studies with younger and less hypertensive patients. The authors examine Read More
This systematic review evaluates the clinical features of pediatric patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). While data are available for adult patients with COVID-19, limited reports have analyzed pediatric patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. The authors reviewed 18 studies with 1065 Read More
This systematic review and meta analysis evaluates the risk factors of COVID-19. The authors examined 21 clinical and epidemiological studies on confirmed cases of COVID-19 published January 1, 1980 to March 10, 2020. A total of 47,344 (24,419 male and Read More
This Cochrane Review details the factors healthcare workers point that influence their ability and willingness to follow infection prevention and control guidelines when managing respiratory infectious diseases. The objective of this review was to identify barriers and facilitators to healthcare Read More
This review highlights the symptoms, epidemiology, transmission, pathogenesis, phylogenetic analysis and future directions to control the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The main findings of this review include: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) represents global public health concern and WHO declares public Read More
This systematic review identified several biomarkers that may potentially identify cases at risk for severe disease or death.  Researchers conducted a review of studies reporting on laboratory abnormalities in patients with COVID-19. They focused on two outcomes, severity and mortality. Read More
This review assesses the effects of quarantine (alone or in combination with other measures) of individuals who had contact with confirmed cases of COVID‐19, who traveled from countries with a declared outbreak, or who live in regions with high transmission Read More
This systematic review showed that diarrhea is a presenting symptom of patients with COVID-19, and raises concerns of continued fecal-oral transmission after respiratory symptoms have resolved. Researchers noted an increasing number of reports of diarrhea related to COVID-19. They conducted Read More
This manuscript systematically reviewed and critically appraised currently available prediction models for COVID-19, in particular diagnostic and prognostic models for the disease. Findings indicate that proposed models are poorly reported, at high risk of bias, and their reported performance is Read More
This systematic review of prediction models for COVID-19 showed that while they are quickly entering the academic literature and are urgently needed, most are poorly reported, at high risk of bias, and their reported performance is probably optimistic. Authors reviewed Read More

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