CTSI Pilot Funding Awards

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Translational Research Development Program

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is a vital partnership among the leading research universities of Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame as well as life sciences, businesses and community organizations across the state.

To fulfill its mission, it supports individuals and teams in all areas of translational research related to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of human disease.

A current list of current awardees is below to provide examples of the type of projects that the CTSI has invested to help improve human health, as well as to showcase the translational research being done across Indiana.

Current Translational Research Awardees

2022 – Biomedical Research Grant (BRG)

Bopda Waffo, Alain IUSM A Novel Biosensor to Monitor the Vaccine Efficacy of Coronavirus Diseases
Burgin, Sarah IUSM An assessment of molecular diagnostics in otitis media
Dahl, Richard IUSM MiRNA Programming of the Myeloid anti-Tumor Response
Elmendorf, Jeffrey IUSM Refining the molecular basis of insulin resistance & diabetes
Harrison, Nicholas IUSM Central Apnea as a mediator of Right Ventricular-pulmonary vascular uncoupling in Acute Heart Failure (CARV-AHF)
Maiers, Jessica IUSM Elucidating the crucial role of ER proteostasis in Hepatic Fibrogenesis
Mayo, Lindsey IUSM Mdm2 E3 neddylating activity drives the initiation of metastasis
Nelson, Rick IU Function of TMPRSS in Genetic Hearing Loss
O’Hagan, Heather IUSM Using lysine demethylase 1 inhibition to target enteroendocrine cells in mucinous colorectal cancer
Pin, Fabrizio IU Deletion of FNDC5/Irisin protects against cancer-induced cachexia syndrome
Richer, Martin IUSM Regulation of T cell differentiation by the transcription factor AFF3
Robinson, Christopher IU The CD8 T cell response to Coxsackievirus B3
Schwantes-An, Tae-Hwi IUSM Enhancing risk stratification for survival in PAH: Development of Polygenic Risk Scores
Tran, Ngoc Tung IUSM CRISPR/Cas9-based correction of FANCC mutations for Fanconi Anemia group C gene therapy
Wang, Meijing IUSM Sex-related differences in cardiac mitochondrial responses to inflammation following acute injury
Yoder, Rachel IUSM Pilot Assessment of Integrated Mental Health Treatment for Children and Caregivers

2020 – Biomedical Research Grant (BRG)

Absalon, Sabrina IUSM Functional investigation of key regulatory proteins in the completion of cell division in malaria parasites.
Biswas, Moanaro IUSM Engineered TRuC Tregs to prevent germinal center responses to clotting factor VIII in hemophilia
Cornett, Evan IUSM Regulation of the circadian clock by lysine methylation
DeSmet, Marsha IUSM Mechanistic Role of Brd4 during Human Papillomavirus Replication
Takagi, Yuichiro IUSM Structure and function of Mediator CDK8 module

2022 – Community, Healthcare Delivery & Implementation Science PDT

Johns, Shelley IUSM Telephone Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention for Caregivers (TACTICs) of Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Pilot RCT
Vest, Joshua CHDIS 1 IUPUI Translating existing electronic data into computable social factor phenotypes
Vest, Joshua CHDIS 2 IUPUI IUCRC Phase 1: Center for Population Health Analytics & Technology (CPHAT)

2022 – Concepts to Clinic PDT

Ballinger, Tarah IUSM Impact of mechanical signals on bone and muscle composition in early stage breast cancer patients receiving aromatase inhibitors
Brutkiewicz, Randy IUSM Modulating Neuroinflammation After Spinal Cord Injury
Callaghan, Tom IUSM Addressing the Musculoskeletal Phenotype in Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Biomarker Pilot Study
Coggan, Andrew IUPUI Kynurenine and NAD+ as Biomarkers of ICU Acquired Weakness in Older Adults
Corson, Tim IUSM Efficacy studies of SH-11037, a therapy for neovascular eye disease
Gupta, Kunal IUSM RNA sequencing of the whole dentate gyrus in early temporal lobe epileptogenesis
Hall, Mark Purdue Cdc14 phosphatase roles in fungal drug resistance and pathogenesis
Hato, Takashi IUSM Mechanisms of sepsis-induced organ failure
Jackman, Christopher IUSM Bone effects of anti-CGRP medications for Migraine
Khan, Babar IUSM Improving sleep in acute respiratory failure ICU survivors
Lasagna-Reeves, Cristian IUSM The role of Bassoon on pathological tau propagation in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other Tauopathies
Lockett, Angelia IUSM S1P Induces Activation of the Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response to Promote Vascular Cell Proliferation in PAH
Maiers, Jessica IUSM Elucidating the role of ATF6a as a critical pro-fibrogenic transcription factor in Hepatic Stellate Cells
Niziolek, Paul IUSM MRI Determination of Femoral Neck Cortical Porosity in Chronic Kidney Disease Metabolic Bone Disease (CKD-MBD)
Plotkin, Lilian IUSM Gonadal vs chromosomal sex and osteocytic miR21 in the control of bone mass and strength
Tran, Taun IUSM Evaluating the dynamics and function of naturally acquired humoral immune responses to Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidate antigens in a longitudinal study

2020 – Concepts to Clinic PDT

Lu, Xin UND Generation of HA-tagged PYGO2 CRISPR knock-in mice at Jackson Laboratory

2021 – Core Pilot

Adeoye-Olatunde, Omolola Purdue Social Determinants of Health and Medication Adherence among Chronically Ill Older Adults in the United States
Chang, Leifu Purdue Mechanisms for inhibition of the Csy complex by anti-CRISPR proteins
Cross, Tzu-Wen Purdue Link between gut microbiome and brain proteome relevant to Parkinson’s Disease pathology
Datta, Meenal UND The myeloid “mechanome”: Identifying new treatment targets in glioblastoma
De Luca, Thomas IUSM Spatial metabolomics of sepsis-induced kidney injury in the diabetic milieu
Ejendal, Karin Purdue Analysis of the developing proteome in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder
Engle, Staci IUPUI Role of hedgehog signaling in energy homeostasis and obesity
Gangopadhyay, Ishanti IUB Word learning mechanisms in bilingual children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The use of social-pragmatic cues
Hall, Mark Purdue Proteomic characterization of Cdc14 phosphatases in fungal pathogens
Howe, Erin UND Identification of the Rab11 interactome
Kacena, Melissa IUSM Skeletal Changes Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Kirchmaier, Ann Purdue Metabolic Impacts on DNA Repair
Kitase, Yukiko IUSM Osteocyte Energy Metabolism Under Mechanical Loading
Malek, Sarah Purdue Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy as a potential diagnostic and predictive biomarker of hip osteoarthritis
McDowell, Mary Ann UND Transcriptomics to Elucidate Methods of Lab-Induced Drug Resistance in Leishmania donovani
O’Hagan, Heather IUB Elucidating the role of the AKT-EZH2-ß-catenin axis in mediating the transcriptional response to reactive oxygen species in colorectal cancer
Pattabiraman, Padmanabhan IUSM Small Molecule screen to identify novel activators to lower intraocular pressure
Schmidt, Nathan IUSM Microbiome Impact in the Susceptibility of Red Blood Cell to Malaria Infection
Schorey, Jeff UND Identifying to the species and subspecies level the non-tuberculosis mycobacteria present in sputum samples obtained from patients in Kenya, Africa
Shannahan, Jonathan Purdue Enhanced Resolution of Pulmonary Lipid Alterations via Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Subramanian, Ramaswamy Purdue Structure of Glycosomal Nucleotide Sugar Transporter – A Novel Target Against Disease-Causing Kinetoplastid parasites
Tesini Roseguini, Bruno Purdue Home-based leg heat therapy to combat age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and function
Zhang, Siyuan UND Dissecting Breast Cancer and Therapy-induced Evolution of Myeloid Lineage by CITEseq

2020 – Core Pilot

Baker, Lane IUB Blood Brain Barrier Model
Bruzzaniti, Angela IUPUI Bone-cell specific actions of Kalirin
Chan, Deva Purdue Multi-Modal Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Functional Assessment of Tissue Repair
Clapp, David IUSM FANCA-Dependent Mitotic Interactions
Daleke, David IUB Toward the cryo-EM structure of a P4-type ATPase monomer, Atp8a1
Das, Arupratan IUSM Isolation and Characterization of Mitochondria to Investigate Mitochondrial Optic Neuropathy
Demas, Gregory IUB Steroidogenic Enzyme Regulation of Aggression
Dykhuizen, Emily Purdue The Role of Polybromo1 (PBRM1) Loss in Checkpoint Inhibition Immunotherapy for Renal Cell Carcinoma
Elmendorf, Jeffrey IUSM Imaging skeletal muscle insulin resistance in live mice
Fishel, Melissa IUSM Pre-clinical pilot study to evaluate non-cytotoxic epigenetic therapy for pancreatic cancer
Gao, Ming IU NW (Gary) Analysis of RNA Helicase Me31B and Its Interacting RNAs by RNA sequencing
Gavin, Tim Purdue Aging and skeletal muscle exosome miRNA-seq
Hoang, Quyen IUSM High-throughput chemical screening against the Parkinson’s disease-associated protein LRRK2
Kalinovsky, Anna IUB Effects of Phytocannabinoids on Cerebellar Axon Growth and Fasciculation
Lu, Hui-Chen IUB Elucidate NMNAT2’s roles in brain health with longitudinal PET-MRI
Lu, Kun-Han Purdue 4D MRI assessment of gastric motility after selective vagotomies in rats
Lu, Xin Notre Dame Go Keto: A New Paradigm to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy
Naidu, Samisubbu IUSM Induction of Mitophagy in Endothelial Cells from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Newton, Irene IUB Understanding Bifidobacterium’s Presence in Infants Using Novel Sequencing
Noinaj, Nicholas Purdue Unraveling zinc piracy in Neisseria
Pestilli, Franco IUB Development and Validation of a Visual Field Mapping Protocol in Children
Snyder, Margie Purdue Feasibility Pilot of Linking Patient-Reported Outcomes Collected in Community Pharmacies with Electronic Health Record Data
Takagi, Yuichiro IUSM Structure of the Mediator complex of transcription regulation
Tang, Pei-Ciao IUSM Regulation of Early Ectodermal Development
Thompson, William IUPUI Generation of a Novel Mouse Model to Restore/Overexpress the a2d1 VSCC Subunit
Tisdale, James Purdue Risk of Drug-Induced QT Interval Prolongation and Associated Proarrhythmia in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Walczak, Claire IUB Single Cell Seq to Identify Heterogeneity in Polyploid Cells
Warden, Stuart IUPUI Impact of physical activity on hip bone and cartilage health
Yang, Danzhou Purdue Structure Study of Nucleolin-MYC promoter DNA G-quadruplex Complex
Ziarek, Joshua IUB Molecular mechanisms of arrestin activation

2022 – COVID-19 PDT

Agley, Jon IUB Pilot Study of a Brief Informational Intervention for COVID-19 Misinformation Prophylaxis
Connors, Jill IUSM Addressing Mental Health Needs of Health Care Workers through Peer Support Groups During the COVID-19 Crisis
Gletsu-Miller, Nana IUB Associations between Nutritional Status of Vitamin D, Iron and Magnesium and Disease Severity of COVID-19
Kacena, Melissa IUSM The role of megakaryocytes in regulating COVID-19 disease progression: A mouse model
Lim, Kenneth IUSM Klotho-FGF23: Critical Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in COVID-19
Maupome, Gerardo IUPUI Hispanic COVID-19 Rapid Response Study: Characterization of Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors about COVID-19 Pandemic among Hispanic Respondents in Indiana
Minor, Kyle IUPUI How COVID-19 Impacts Daily Life: Comparing Serious Mental Illness and Healthy Adult Populations Pre-Post Social Distancing
Wang, Sophia IUSM The Role of COVID-19 Endothelial Cell Dysfunction in Post-Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Depression and Anxiety Disorders

2020 – COVID-19 PDT

Baker, Brian UND Interrogating SARS-CoV-2 CTL antigens for immunobiology and potential T cell based vaccine strategies
Eckardt, Christopher Purdue Ecological Momentary Assessment of Intimate Partner Violence During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Figueiredo, Marxa Purdue Developing Targeted Therapeutics for Protecting and Treating COVID-19 Lung Disease

2022 – Collaboration in Translational Research (CTR)

Abebe, Ephrem Purdue OTC Senior Station: A Consumer Facing Technology to Improve Medication Safety for Older Adults
DePaoli-Roach, Anna IUSM Identification of New Lead Small Molecules for the Treatment of Glycogen Storage Disease Type III
Holden, Richard IUB OTC Senior Station: A Consumer Facing Technology to Improve Medication Safety for Older Adults
Honaker, Sarah IUSM Sleep, feeding, and obesity risk during infancy in African American and Latinx families
Jin, Xiaoming IUSM Brain epigenetic mechanism of acupuncture on neuropathic pain
Lee, Jessica IUPUI Addressing Disparities in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among Burmese Refugee families in Central Indiana
Logrip, Marian & Lukkes, Jodi IUPUI/IUSM Adolescent social isolation effects on alcohol drinking & neuroadaptations in dorsal raphe-basolateral amygdala circuit
Lu, Tao IUSM Improving the potency of novel PRMT5 inhibitor with nanocrystal technology to treat pancreatic cancer
Moding, Kameron Purdue Sleep, feeding, and obesity risk during infancy in African American and Latinx families
Otte, Andrew Purdue Long-acting ketamine for pain due to bone fracture
Patel, Rita & Gupta, Kunal IUB/IUSM Deep brain stimulation for laryngeal dystonia: from mechanism to optimal application
Taylor, Rich UND Identification of New Lead Small Molecules for the Treatment of Glycogen Storage Disease Type III
White Fletcher IUSM Long-acting ketamine for pain due to bone fracture
Yuan, Chongli Purdue Brain epigenetic mechanism of acupuncture on neuropathic pain
Zhou, Xiang Purdue Addressing Disparities in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among Burmese Refugee families in Central Indiana

2021 – Collaboration in Translational Research (CTR)

Ferradal, Silvina IUB Early prediction of withdrawal in infants with prenatal opioid exposure using quantitative measurements
Goni Cortes, Joaquin Purdue Uncovering fingerprints of brain network flexibility in alcohol use disorders
Guo, Feng IUB A Tumor-on-a-Chip Platform for Modeling Immuno-Oncology in Prostate Cancer
Han, Bumsoo Purdue Application of a biomimetic model to assess the effects of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on pancreatic cancer
Hocevar, Barbara/Kamendulis, Lisa IUB Application of a biomimetic model to assess the effects of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on pancreatic cancer
Kareken, David IUSM Uncovering fingerprints of brain network flexibility in alcohol use disorders
Lu, Xin Notre Dame A Tumor-on-a-Chip Platform for Modeling Immuno-Oncology in Prostate Cancer
O’Sullivan, Thomas D. Notre Dame Early prediction of withdrawal in infants with prenatal opioid exposure using quantitative diffuse optical spectroscopy
Raman, Subha / Stewart, Jesse IU/IUPUI Longer-Term Cardiovascular and Psychiatric Consequences of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Prevalence and Insights into Shared Mechanisms.
Schlader, Zachary / Basile, David IUB/IUSM Heat waves, aging, and the kidneys

2022 – Grant Linking Universitywide Expertise (GLUE)

Mitra, Anirban & Zhang, Chi IUB/IUSM Regulation of ovarian cancer metastatic colonization through clonal selection

2022 – Human Health & Biomedical Technology PDT

Bowman, Adam & Rochet, Jean-Christophe Purdue Sex Differences in Neuropathology and Excitotoxicity in a Stem Cell Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Das, Chittaranjan Purdue Identification of host targets of a bacterial effector with a novel deADP-ribosylase activity
Running, Cordelia & Gletsu Miller, Nana Purdue Trading Sugar for Sparkle

2021 – Human Health & Biomedical Technology PDT

Bhunia, Arun Purdue Fate of LAP as Excipient during Drug Delivery
Cooks, Robert Graham Purdue Walk-up system to sample breath, perform MS and output Y/N respiratory infection status
DeMaria, Andrea Purdue Improving Overall Quality of Life for Uterine Fibroid Patients
Hu, Chang-Deng Purdue Cryo-EM Structural Analysis of PRMT5 in Complex with pINIn
Kimbrough, Adam Purdue Exploring sex differences in how the brain responds to oxycodone use
Yang, Yang Purdue The role of oxytocin in a mouse model of Scn2a deficiency

2020 – Human Health & Biomedical Technology PDT

Cross, Tzu-Wen Purdue Gut microbiome and estrogen receptor signaling: potential implication on gastrointestinal-related disease
Foti, Daniel Purdue Developing a novel protocol for home-based electroencephalography assessment of families affected by Angelman syndrome
Roseguini, Bruno Purdue Heat therapy to improve skeletal muscle function in a model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

2021 – Lilly Stark Fellowship Postdoc

Dabin, Luke IUSM Single-nucleus epigenetic response to fast and slow rates of amyloid production in mouse brain
Fernandez, Anllely IUSM A novel neurodegenerative disease provides new insights intoamyloid-independent pathways in neurodegeneration.

2021 – Lilly Stark Fellowship Predoc

Huang, Kang-Chieh IUPUI Modulation of Signaling and Autophagy in Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration from Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Ganglion Cells
Tsai, Andy IUSM Novel Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer’s Disease

2021 – Lilly Stark Postdoc Year 2

Hallinan, Grace IUSM Atomic model of human tau filaments and tau propagation in Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease

2020 – Lilly Stark Postdoc Year 2

Philtjens, Stephanie IUSM Identification of genetic modifiers for AD risk genes in the Diversity Outbred mouse model

2021 – Lilly Stark Predoc Year 2

Bharthur Sanjay, Apoorva IUSM A Novel Approach to Biomarker Development for Early Diagnosis and Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease

2022 – Neuroscience / Cancer PRMC

Engleman, Eric IUSM Modeling the interaction of alcohol and aging in Alzheimer’s disease
Lukkes, Jodi IUSM Neural mechanisms underlying the effects of adolescent social isolation on stress-related serotonergic systems
O’Leary, Heather IUSM Mechanisms and Targeting of Oxygen (O2) Mediated Calcium (Ca2+) Regulation in Malignant Hematopoietic Cells
Rietz, Anne IUSM A pilot study to determine the spatial transcriptome in the spinal cord of SMA and control mice at postnatal day 4
Walker, Brian IUSM Abnormal RNA processing in the pathogenesis and treatment of multiple myeloma

2022 – Obesity / Metabolism PRMC

Dong, Charlie IUSM PNPLA3 high-risk variant in alcoholic liver disease

2020 – Pediatric Fellowship

Fairman, Korre IUSM Disrupted cardiogenesis in Shroom 3 loss-of-function mice embryos in vivo
Malin, Stefan IUSM Development of a Simulation-Based EMR Training Curriculum for Pediatric Resident
Severyn, Nicholas IUSM Lung development under hypoxic conditions in a rat model
Theisen, Alexandra IUSM The Evaluation of Ovarian Reserve Using Anti-Mullerian Hormone in Young Women Diagnosed with Systemic Rheumatic Disease Compared to Controls

2021 – Pediatrics PDT

Aguilar, R. Claudio Purdue Evaluating therapeutic strategies against Lowe syndrome

2022 – Pediatrics PDT

Rodriguiz, Gabriela IUSM Characterizing Usual Care for Youth with Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Indiana Community Mental Health Centers
Williams, Amy IUSM Examination of mechanisms contributing to impact of insomnia on chronic pain risk and outcomes in pediatric patients

2020 – Pilot Funding

Clemmer, David IUB Developing Techniques for analysis of exosomes associated with wound healing

2022 – Postdoc Challenge

Ahn, Taeyong IUSM The use of nano‐liquid chromatography (LC‐MS) mass spectrometry for the identification of potential protein biomarker candidates related to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury
Barboi, Cristina IUPUI Outcome analysis of intraoperative therapeutic interventions relative to the risk associated with progressive hypotension
Burke, Andrew IUSM Contribution of social circuits to social familiarity-induced anxiolysis
Gampala, Silpa IUSM Deciphering the effects of Ref‐1 redox inhibition on pancreatic cancer metabolism using non‐targeted global metabolomic profiling
Liffner, Benjamin IUSM Proximal labelling of a kinase to identify proteins involved in mitosis of malaria parasites
Ma, Jing IUSM Characterization of neutrophils-released EV-miRNA cargo in alcoholic hepatitis patients

2021 – Postdoc Challenge

Chen, Xiaoling Purdue Optogenetic method for synaptic weight mapping
Yen, Yu-Chen Purdue Cryo-EM structure of adenylyl cyclase 5 in complex with Gβγ

2020 – Research Enhancement Grant (REG)

Schwartz, Margaret IUSM Impact of Methionine Metabolism on lung disease of prematurity

2021 – Sarah Roush

Gomes, Catia IUSM Inhibition of A1 astrocyte-induced neurodegeneration by targeting complement C3

2022 – Showalter

Biswas, Moanaro IUSM Targeting BAFF for modulation of adaptive immune responses to factor VIII replacement therapy
Bogatcheva, Natalia IUSM Small-molecule dual PARP1-PDL1 inhibitor as a mitigator of influenza-induced lung injury
Das, Arupratan IUSM Use of Human stem cell derived Retinal Ganglion Cells to investigate Nrf2 as therapeutic target for glaucomatous optic neuropathy
Janosevic, Danielle IUSM The study of transcription and translational mediators of sepsis-associated kidney injury in the diabetic milieu.
Lim, Kenneth IUSM The Myocardial Cytoskeleton in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Schlecht, Stephen IUSM Does the timing of ACL reconstructive surgery have an impact on long-term autograft outcomes?
Spaeth, Jason IUSM Dynamic regulation of Pdx1 and islet ß-cell function by the Nucleosome Remodeling and Deacetylase complex
Vilseck, Jonah IUSM Accelerating Structure-Based Lead Optimization with AI-Inspired Molecular Generation and Fast Free Energy Calculations
Zang, Yong IUSM Transparent and efficient dose-finding clinical trial designs for targeted therapies and immunotherapy
Zhang, Ji IUSM Regulation of iron-dependent histone demethylation by amino acid starvation
Zhang, Xinna IUSM Identification of epigenetic inhibitors to sensitive triple negative breast cancer to immunotherapy

2022 – Trailblazer

Brandon-Friedman, Richard / Miller, Marissa School of Social Work, IU and Trans Solutions Research and Resource Center, LLC Pilot Testing the VISION Program to Enhance the Wellbeing of Transgender People of Color
Cecil, Kara / Stinson, Kelsey University of Indianapolis, Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Sciences and CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions Hidden Families: Identification of and Assistance for Vulnerable Caregivers
Franks, Melissa / Riggin, Katrina Purdue University Department of Human Development and Family Studies and IU Health Ball, Blackford and Jay Hospitals Promoting Physical Activity Among Female Patients Following Cardiac Rehabilitation
Hernandez, Elaine / Hicks, Ivan IUPUI, Sociology and First Baptist Church North Indianapolis An Opportunity for Racial Equity in Health Care Access
Macey, Erin / Rusnak, Colleen IUPUI, Social and Behavorial Sciences and Indiana Health Fund Impact of Medical Debt Relief for Pregnant/Postpartum Women
Peterson, Zoe / Shipley, Meagan Indiana University Counseling and Educational Psychology and IU Health Healthy Relationships and Rural Youth: Evaluation of A Professional Development Training for Youth-Serving Adult Mentors
Tucker-Edmonds, Brownsyne / Voisard, Andrea IU School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecolory and Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana Nurse-Family Partnership Understanding birth team dynamics at Eskenazi Health and birth outcomes of Medicaid recipients who are MDwise members served by doulas

2021 – Trailblazer

Galaviz, Karla / Stowers, Jill Indiana University School of Public Health and IU Health, Bloomington Peer Recruitment in HIV Prevention
Gregory, Virgil / Muhammad, John IUPUI School of Social Work and Fathers and Families Center A Community Partner-University Collaboration for Increasing African American Men’s Access to Professional Mental Health Services: A Structural Equation
Jacob, Seethal / Meier, Emily IU School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center Sickle Cell Trait Education for Adolescents and Young Adults
Kong, Nan/Moore, Sheri Purdue University, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering abd National Alliance on Mental Illness West Cenral, Indiana Chapter Examining the effect of community-based programs in coping with stress during COVID-19 recovery
Michael, Nancy/Gaudern, Carey University of Notre Dame, Biological Sciences and Beacon Health System – Community Impact Building Trauma-Informed Communities through NEAR Science and Change Theory
Renbarger, Kalyn / Hess, Corie Ball State University School of Nursing and Muncie Maternal Mental Health Coalition Mitigating the Effects of COVID-19 on Maternal Mental Health Through a Community-University Partnership
Rodriguez, Natalia / Kajumulo, Kelly Purdue University, Health and Human Sciences and Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky Examining multilevel determinants of cervical cancer and acceptability of screening innovations to address disparities among Hispanic women in Lake County,Indiana
Wells, Ellen / Evans, T. Eric Purdue University, School of Health Sciences and Blackford County Concerned Citizens Rural Environmental Health Assessment and Neighborhood-Specific Public Health Plan for Hartford City Using a Community-Engaged Approach

2020 – Trailblazer

Abebe, Ephrem / Wheeler, Holly
Purdue University and Family Voices Indiana
Medication Access and Safety for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CSHCNs) During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Hannon, Tamara / Gough, Tyler
IU School of Medicine and Indy Urban Acres
Expanding Veggie Box Access to Neighbors (EVAN)                     X
Howland, Allison / Norris, Katherine Indiana University and Homes 4 Homeless Hotels to Home: A study of ethical, low-barrier approaches to episodic homelessness in Monroe County, Indiana
Rodriguez, Natalia / Layton, Jennifer
Purdue University and LTHC Homeless Services
Mitigating COVID-19 Impacts on the Homeless Population of Tippecanoe County: A CHW-Led Approach
Simpson, Vicki / Archibald, Lorra
Purdue University and Healthy Communities of Clinton County
Using Social Network Analysis to Create an Effective Health Coalition to Support A Systems Level Approach to Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Disparities
Spence, Lisa / Parker, Robin Indiana University and IU Health Bloomington Effect of Adding a Registered Dietitian in a Team Based Approach for Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Yeager, Valerie / Berman, Kathy
IUPUI and About Special Kids
Supporting Families and Children with Complex Health and Social Needs: Evaluating About Special Kids’ Participation in Care Conferences

2019 – Trailblazer

Amireault, Steve / Lowry, Kristen
Purdue University  /Purdue Extension (Posey County)
Factors Associated with the Maintenance of Physical Activity Beyond Program Termination: A Longitudinal Investigation Among Rural Older Adults
Greene, Alison / Sherwood Laughlin, Catherine / Bruner, Kathy / Greathouse, Lisa
Indiana University, Monroe County Community School Corporation, and IU Health
Sexual Health Equity for School-Aged Youth with Special Needs
Lefever, Jennifer / Botchway, Marian / Zeltwanger, Todd
University of Notre Dame and Cultivate Food Rescue
Food for Families: The impact of a backpack program on lessening child hunger, improving school attendance, behavior and academic outcomes
Nault Connors, Jill / Hayden, Julie
IUPUI and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Greater Indianapolis
Building Grass Roots Advocacy through Photovoice for Improved Policy and Practice Targeting Health & Healthcare Needs Among Individuals with Mental Illness
Weathers, Tess / Girls, Nikki
IUPUI and Concord Neighborhood Center
Exploring the life expectancy gap in the Near-Southside as a bridge to action for a healthier community
Wilburn, Victoria / Wonnell, Robin
IUPUI and Overdose Lifeline Inc
Life Skills: The Power of Doing                                                  X

2022 – Trailblazer Planning

Fodstad, Jill / Dwenger, Deanna IUSM / Indiana Dept of Corrections Improving Care for Incarcerated Hoosier Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder through Developing an Indiana Department of Corrections Staff Training
Klitzman, Melissa / Davis, Tiffany IUSM / Marion County Public Health Department Community-University Partnership Establishing a Black Peer-Led Lactation Support Group for NICU Families
Kostrominova, Tatiana / Walker, Roland IUN / Gary Health Department Building partnership for reducing health disparities in the City of Gary through research and education
Miller, Michelle / Emery, Rachel IUSM / LMPN Women’s Health Center Building Partnerships for Trauma-Informed Care in Rural Perinatal Populations
Weber, Zachary / Parlett, Tyne IUPUI / Cultivating a Belonging Culture Development of a Student-Centric LGBTQIA+ Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) Presentation Series

2021 – Trailblazer Planning

Brandon-Friedman, Richard /Miller, Marissa IUPUI, School of Social Work and Trans Solutions Research and Resource Center, LLC Building Community Partnerships to Enhance the Safety and Well-being of Transgender People of Color
Frederickson Comer, Karen / Robertson, Richard IU School of Informatics and Computing Strategic Needs Assessment for Physicians’ Initiative for Demographic Analysis
Jones, Carmen / Cripe, Nancy Sue Purdue University and Carroll-White Counties CASA Child Welfare Training for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteers
Magan, Amy/ Stinson, Kelsey University of Indianapolis and Center for Aging & Community UIndy-CICOA Partnership for Innovations in Healthy Aging
Michael, Nancy / White, Cassy University of Notre Dame, Biological Sciences and St. Joseph County Department of Health Developing Collaborative Public Health Approaches for Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences
Trainor, Kristin / Hudson, Ken IUPUI Department of Social Work and Whitely Community Council Whitely Community Council and Ball State University: Partnership for Improved Health Outcomes
Tucker-Edmonds, Brownsyne / Maxey, Rachel / Voisard, Andrea IU School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and MDWise and GoodwillIndy Working Group of University and community partners to learn about Indiana maternal mortality and morbidity rates and examine the potential patient value-add of the Eskenazi Doula Pilot

2020 – Trailblazer Planning

Enane, Leslie Anne / Koch, Sarah IU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Marion County Health Department Building Partnerships in Tuberculosis and Refugee Health Care in Indiana
Renbarger, Kalyn / Hess, Cori Ball State University and Muncie and Delaware County Maternal Mental Health Coalition A Community-University Partnership Aimed to Improve Maternal Mental Health in Delaware County
Rodriquez, Natalia & Gonzalvo, Jasmine & Meredith, Ashley & Ruiz, Yumary / Hart, Margarita Purdue University and Indiana Community Health Worker Association Indiana Community Health Workforce Development Institute
Simpson, Vicki / Archibald, Lorra Purdue University and Healthy Communities of Clinton County Enhancing an Academic-Community Partnership to Improve Outcomes

2019 – Trailblazer Planning

Abebe, Ephrem / Akers, Jennifer Purdue University and Family Voices Indiana Community-Academic Partnership for Improved Medication Use Outcomes
Cherian, Joseph / Shaw, Gillian University of Notre Dame and enFocus Building a partnership between the University of Notre Dame, the St. Joseph County Health Department, and enFocus to work towards a lead-safe county
Knapp, Doug / Street, Tim Indiana University and Bradford Woods The Development of Camp Chrysalis – A transformational program for the management of obesity and pre-diabetic conditions in adolescents.
Kong, Nan / Moore, Sheri Purdue University and National Alliamnce on Mental Illness West Central Indiana Smartphone-based Socio-behavioral Monitoring Tool Development for Early Detection and Prevention of Major Depression
P’Pool, April / Berman, Kathy IUPUI and About Special Kids Teaching Medical Students About Social Determinants of Health Through Partnership with About Special Kids and Care Conferences
Wadelton, Christina / Mouhiuddin, Salma / Beaty, Victoria IUPUI, Growing Places Indy, and IU Health Addressing Food Insecurity in Children with Special Needs through Urban Gardening

2022 – Translational Public Health (TPH)

Jordan, Evan & Johns, Shelley IUB/IUSM A just in time mobile stress intervention for cancer survivors

IP Filings Based on CTSI Projects

We would like to thank the Innovation and Commercialization Office at Indiana University, the Office of Technology Commercialization at Purdue University, and the Idea Center at the University of Notre Dame for their assistance in publishing this webpage. Each of these offices helps to identify, protect and commercialize technology that comes from discoveries and innovations made by their researchers. Examples of previously awarded projects that have resulted in IP or commercialization include:

2008 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Won, You-Yeon Purdue Radiation-Controlled Release of Drugs for Chemo-Radiotherapy

2010 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Cooks, Robert Graham Purdue Morphologically Friendly Tissue Imaging

2012 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Boudouris, Bryan Purdue Functional Filtration Membranes
Rickus, Jenna Purdue Multianalyte Sensing

2015 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Figueiredo, Marxa L Purdue Anti-Angiogenesis Compound Targets Laminin Receptor in Cancer Cells
Thompson, David Purdue Method Produces Cyclodextrin with Polyrotaxane has Potential as Part of Treatment of Neimann-Pick Disease Type C
Won, You-Yeon Purdue Using Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy

2016 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Shi, Riyi Purdue Portable Diagnostic Tool for Blast Injury and Other Traumatic Brain Injuries

2017 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Chen, Peng-Shen Indiana University Use of Subcutaneous Nerve Stimulation to Sprout Nerves
Corson, Timothy Indiana University Novel Method of Using Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitors
Emir, Uzay E Purdue Noninvasive Ultra-short Acquisition Delay Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Measurement
Lu, Tao Indiana University PRMT5 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer

2018 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Merrell, Jonathan Indiana University Revised Smart Inhaler
Mirmira, Raghu Indiana University Method for predicting susceptibility to hyperglycemia and type 1 diabetes

2020 - Awards Resulting in IP Protection and Commercialization Activities

Ekser, Burcin Indiana University In Vitro Model for the Study of Liver Disease
Androphy, Elliot Indiana University Small Molecule Covalent Inhibitors of the HPV E6 Protein
van Kessel, Julia Indiana University Novel Antibiotics

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