This commentary argues that pharmacists are uniquely positioned to combat the spread of COVID-19 misinformation by providing accurate and reliable information to the public and other health professionals. To minimize the detrimental consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals need access Read More
This research article presents strategies for increasing public awareness and responses to COVID-19, which begins with timely publicity. Public awareness of COVID-19 varies not only among countries but also within different regions within countries, according to an analysis using Google Read More
This article reports on the development of two sets of ethical allocation guidelines in Australia for a public health emergency in which resources must be rationed. One approach, led by bioethicist Angus Dawson, rejects the use of strict allocation formulas Read More
In this Australian news article, health care providers demand government officials to provide consistent information related to COVID-19. Other countries can learn from the ineffectiveness of the inconsistent messages Australian government leaders and public health officials have been disseminating. General Read More
This study used a simple compartmental deterministic model of COVID-19 transmission in Australia to illustrate the dynamics resulting from shifting or flattening the curve versus completely squashing it. Around the world there are examples of both very good and effective Read More
In this article, a chief health officer argues that communication about COVID-19 must be immediate and transparent. Similar to other countries, Australia’s government was slow to inform people about the severity of COVID-19 in a timely manner. However, Brett Sutton, Read More

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