Cardiac Injury Prediction In COVID-19 Patients In this article from the International Journal of Cardiology, data from 124 consecutive hospitalized patients with COVID-19 were collected. The authors attempt to determine risk factors and predictive markers of cardiac injury in COVID-19 Read More
In this study, 10 independent clinical predictors were identified and used to develop a risk score (COVID-GRAM) that predicts development of critical illness from COVID-19.  Study took place in China: A retrospective cohort of patients with COVID-19 was established as Read More
A new study estimates that COVID-19 kills 1.3% of symptomatic people, substantially more than seasonal influenza. Further, and could kill 500,000 Americans in the coming months if as many people contract the highly-contagious virus this year as contracted the seasonal Read More
Rapid and accurate tracking of aggregate population movement may be epidemiologically informative in outbreak situations. This article describes  a new method developed to accurately track the spread of COVID-19 using population flow data. Using mobile-phone-data-based counts of 11,478,484 people leaving Read More
This Viewpoint discusses the challenges of accurately modeling the COVID-19 pandemic and reviews principles that will make some models more useful than others, such as use of granular local data when available, regular updating and revision, and specification of uncertainty Read More
This report details efforts to use mathematical models that predict the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Governments across the world are relying on mathematical projections to help guide decisions in this pandemic. Computer simulations account for only a fraction of Read More

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