Cardiac Injury Prediction In COVID-19 Patients In this article from the International Journal of Cardiology, data from 124 consecutive hospitalized patients with COVID-19 were collected. The authors attempt to determine risk factors and predictive markers of cardiac injury in COVID-19 Read More
In-home testing kits for COVID-19 In this article, the authors discuss testing kits that have been FDA approved for diagnosing COVID-19 in the home. In April 2020, LabCorp developed the first FDA-approved, in-home collection kit, followed Everlywell who developed a Read More
Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Suicide During COVID-19 Pandemic This publication from the CDC discusses that communities are facing mental health challenges. From June 24-June 30, 2020, US adults reported elevated mental health conditions associated with the pandemic. Young adults, Read More
Asymptomatic cases may play a role in COVID-19 transmission, features of these patients have not been well described. This study describes the characteristics of asymptomatic patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection in Jinan, Shandong province, China. The authors examined the medical records Read More
A new study suggests that smell or taste change, particularly in combination with fever and/or myalgia, is a strong predictor of COVID-19.The authors conducted an anonymous electronic survey that was publicized through social media to query participants with COVID-19 testing. Read More
This study showed that some rapid antibody tests have low sensitivity and therefore would be insufficient for community screenings. At this time, the gold standard for COVID-19 diagnosis is PCR-based system taking several hours to confirm positivity. This is insufficient Read More
In this study, a brief severity scoring system, administered by telephone, successfully assigned priority for hospitalization and arranged for facility isolation among patients with suspected COVID-19 in Daegu, Korea. This made a significant impact on solving an acute hospital-bed shortage Read More
In this population-based study in Iceland, very few (< 1%) of people in the general population screened positive for SARS-CoV-2, compared to more than 13% of those targeted for testing. In Iceland, testing was targeted to those who were at Read More

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