In this letter to the editor, epidemiologists provide three principles of the dealing with hospital transmission of COVID-19. Based on the perspectives of epidemiological investigators of a hospital closure in Korea due to COVID-19, three principles are offered for dealing Read More
In this study, a brief severity scoring system, administered by telephone, successfully assigned priority for hospitalization and arranged for facility isolation among patients with suspected COVID-19 in Daegu, Korea. This made a significant impact on solving an acute hospital-bed shortage Read More
This report describes Korea’s experience with specialized community treatment centers for COVID, which may be a very cost-effective and resource-saving strategy in managing massive cases of COVID-19. In less than 6 weeks Korea went from one confirmed patient to more Read More
This study summarized the case fatality rate of COVID-19 in Korea compared to other countries. Different countries are seeing different rates of deaths and outcomes. This is partially due to differences in testing, and picking up more mild cases. South Read More

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