This expert and narrative review describes key epidemiological and clinical features of COVID-19 infections within children, neonates, and pregnant mothers. Overall, 83% of the children had a positive contact history, mostly with family members. The incubation period varied between 2 Read More
In this study, 10 independent clinical predictors were identified and used to develop a risk score (COVID-GRAM) that predicts development of critical illness from COVID-19.  Study took place in China: A retrospective cohort of patients with COVID-19 was established as Read More
New York State (NYS) has emerged as the national epicenter of the United State’s COVID-19 epidemic. This report details the extent of testing and test results during the month of March in NYS, along with risk factors, outcomes, and household Read More
This case series reports the characteristics, clinical presentation, and outcomes of patients hospitalized with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the New York City area between March 1, 2020, and April 4, 2020. The authors examined data from 5700 patients with Read More
This review finds that diabetic patients with COVID-19 are at higher risk of ICU admission and show a higher mortality risk that COVID-19 patients without diabetes. The prognostic significance of diabetes mellitus (DM) in patients with coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) Read More
This study summarized the case fatality rate of COVID-19 in Korea compared to other countries. Different countries are seeing different rates of deaths and outcomes. This is partially due to differences in testing, and picking up more mild cases. South Read More
At the outset of Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak, they launched a surveillance system to collect information on all people with COVID-19 in-country. There are concerns as to why the fatality rate (what percent of people who are infected die) is so Read More

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