Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall-Kids With Asthma Do It All

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall-Kids With Asthma Do It All

December 2, 2022

Two Connections IN Health’s coalitions, the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition and the Hoosier Health and Wellness Alliance, joined efforts to co-host a seminar in partnership with the Indiana Rural Association and the American Lung Association. The virtual seminar, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall-Kids with Asthma Do It All, provided vital information regarding physical activity and asthma in children. The event covered topics including the importance of exercise as it relates to asthma, how green spaces are involved in improving health outcomes, how to reduce or avoid asthma triggers while participating in recreational activities, and an assessment of outdoor asthma triggers.

The speakers for the event include:
● Barbara Kaplan, National Director of Asthma programs for the American Lung Association
● Lisa Cauldwell, of the Marion County Public Health Department
● Jeremy Kranowitz from Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful.

If you did not participate in the seminar live and would like to learn more about the importance of exercising with asthma, knowing your asthma triggers & outdoor asthma triggers, and other important information you can watch the recording from this link.
Just enter the password: U^^cKD02 to gain access

Additional information and resources related to this topic include:
The American Lung Association
The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition Resources
The Hoosier Health and Wellness Alliance Resources
The 2022 Asthma Summit

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